Brake hoses And Clutch hoses kit

Brake and Clutch hoses are assembled according to strict technical specifications, essential to guarantee always the maximum performance, in any situation and for any type of use. The Accossato brake and clutch hoses eliminate the sponge-like effect of the brake system that is normally perceived in case of prolonged intensive use, maintaining unchanged efficiency and safety.

Kits are supplied with all the components necessary for assembly and complete with each part. They are made of steel with polymer fluorine core, with coloured protective sheath, and steel fittings, that is possible to have coated.Brake hoses are available in 4 different layouts: S - Standard: same brake hoses as for the original configuration; F - Full-length: every brake hoses connect the master cylinder to each brake caliper, qfront and rear;  O - Over the mudguard: the front brake line connects the master cylinder to the right rear brake caliper, while another brake line connects the right brake caliper to the left one, by passing through the mudguard; C - Clutch: same clutchline as the original layout.

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